Razor – Dorco Prime Starter Set

A low-priced, mild razor with blades and travel case.  Perfect for beginners.  Comes with 30 Dorco Platinum blades.

There are a few things that make the Dorco Prime Starter Set a good option for beginners.

  • Price – It’s pretty hard to beat $20 for the razor alone.  Add in the extras and this is a great buy.
  • Butterfly – This razor is a butterfly style, meaning that you twist the bottom and drop the blade in the top.  It’f fast, easy, and doesn’t leave you fumbling with extra pieces.
  • Mild aggressiveness – This was important for me.  The gap between the blade and guard is narrow.  The shave isn’t as close, but it protects against cuts.
  • 30 free blades – Blades are a personal preference and the Dorco Prime blades are definitely worth exploring. The price of Dorco blades is unbeatable (about $.10 ea) so you may find them to be a winner.
  • Travel case – It travel a lot so the case is nice to hold the razor and about 5 blades.

Dorco is a South Korean razor/blade manufacturer that is growing in popularity – especially in the mail order and shave club space.  They have done a good job of assembling a good starter kit at a very reasonable price.