Brush – Miusco Badger Brush & Stand

An inexpensive, firm-bristled brush with a heavy chrome stand.  Yes, it smells like a badger until you use it.

For under $20 this is a very serviceable genuine badger brush.  Add in the fact that it comes with a really nice stand and its a steal.  The brush is a little stiff at first but it softens after a couple of uses.  It did shed a few hairs but nothing to be concerned about.

The biggest complaint on Amazon is that the brush smells like a badger at first, and it does.  But let’s use some logic:

  1. It’s made out of a badger’s fur so its not surprising that it smells like one.
  2. You’ll literally be lathering this thing in scented soap three times a day until it wears out.  It will smell like sandalwood after one use.

So don’t let any bad reviews deter you.  This is a decent brush at a good price and its a good choice to get started.