After Shave Balm – Proraso Sensitive

A mild, moisturizing balm to keep your face hydrated.

Putting anything on a freshly-shaven face can be a gamble.  If it’s too heavy it can clog pores.  Lotions and products with oil can leave your face feeling greasy.  Even glycerin-based product can leave a sheen on your face (almost like when aloe vera gel dries).

This balm from Proraso solves those problems.  It’s glycerin based so it doesn’t leave an oily feel.  But it is also very lightweight so it doesn’t leave a sheen on your skin.  It doesn’t burn – even after a rough shave, and the price is very reasonable.

Proraso Sensitive is a cross between a liquid and a cream.  It is technically a scented product, but the fragrance is nearly undetectable and it won’t conflict with any other fragrances you wear.