Shaving Made Easy – Original 1905 Text

In 1905 the 20th Century Correspondence School published a short book called Shaving Made Easy – What the Man Who Shaves Ought to Know.  The book promised to teach a man to shave himself as well as the barber, with little cost and no “tips” necessary.  Safety razors had only been on the market for a few years when the book was published and the publisher clearly favors a straight blade.  Below is the complete 1905 text with illustrations.

Why National Men’s Grooming Day matters (Aug 17, 2018)

The third Friday in August is National Men’s Grooming Day, which is coming this Friday, August 17, 2018.  If you have never heard of this holiday you probably aren’t alone – it isn’t exactly a holiday with a rich history.  As you might imagine, it was created by a large consumer brand in 2007 to sell more stuff.  But that doesn’t mean this day of recognition is without value.  Here are a few things you should do to get the most out of National Men’s Grooming Day.

A quirky man & his odd soap – Review of Dr. Bronner’s Shaving Soap

When my daughter was born the hospital recommended using Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap to wash things that would come in contact with her mouth.  I hadn’t heard of it before, but they explained that it is an organic, all-natural vegetable-based soap that rinses cleanly without any residue.  We have kept a bottle in our house ever since and we use it for various applications.  When I saw Dr. Bronner’s Shaving Soap at our local health food store I knew I had to try a bottle.  Here are my thoughts.

Men: The reason your family wants you to start wet shaving

Wet shaving has a lot of benefits: smoother shaves, less irritation, lower cost, lower environmental impact.  But there is one major reason that few people have considered.  The reason is selfless and altruistic, but also a little self-serving at the same time.   It is the real reason your family wants to your start wet shaving – whether they know it or not.

Becoming our Grandfathers: 4 “new” trends that are over a century old

After decades of chasing convenience, speed, and quantity (over quality) our tastes moving in the opposite direction.  People are slowing down and seeking quality in the things they eat, drink, buy and experience.  Interestingly, some of the new trends aren’t new at all.  They were things our grandfathers did without a second thought.  Here are four of these “grandfatherly” trends from the perspective of someone in his mid-thirties.

Note: this post is intended for adults.

Giveaway – Complete Wet Shaving Starter Set

[This giveaway is over. Congratulations to our winner and thanks to everyone who entered]. The goal of is to share how to get better shaves and clearer skin with traditional wet shaving.  To help spread the word I am giving away a complete wet shaving starter set.  Included is everything a new wet shaver needs as well as some really great shaving creams, oil and balm that even the seasoned wet shaver will enjoy.

Three ways to use shaving soap (that don’t involve shaving)

Many people who change from cartridge razors to DE safety razors also upgrade their shaving cream at the same time.  Some opt for high-quality creams and others use a traditional puck of shaving soap.  I personally prefer the quick and easy lathering of creams over hard soaps, but I always keep a puck of soap on hand – and not for shaving.  No matter what you use it’s good to keep a puck of soap on-hand, and here’s why:

Lost luggage – My new shaving gear from a German drugstore

My airline lost my luggage on a recent two-week trip to Germany.  It was a major inconvenience, of course.  But it did give me the opportunity to buy some new shaving gear at a drug store in Germany.  Here is a review of my new low-budget shaving supplies, complete with a super cheap razor, surprisingly good blades, and some shaving soap I didn’t love. All for around $20.

Razor Aggressiveness Basics

When you start exploring double-edge safety razors, “aggressiveness” is a term that quickly enters the conversation.  Generally speaking, aggressiveness is how much the razor allows the blade to “attack” the hair it is cutting.  In this post we will discuss some of the key characteristics that make a razor mild vs aggressive and we’ll recommend some good mild razors for the beginning DE shaver.