Razor Aggressiveness Basics

When you start exploring double-edge safety razors, “aggressiveness” is a term that quickly enters the conversation.  Generally speaking, aggressiveness is how much the razor allows the blade to “attack” the hair it is cutting.  In this post we will discuss some of the key characteristics that make a razor mild vs aggressive and we’ll recommend some good mild razors for the beginning DE shaver.

The best shaving cream for travel

Spending a lot of time away from home creates some new challenges for traditional wet shavers.  Travelers rarely have a shaving bowl or their favorite brush.  Also, the water in hotel rooms can be unpredictable.  Sometimes it’s so hard that no amount of effort can work up the lather I’m used to.  In this post I’ll review why I think Cremo is the best shaving cream for travel.  Like anything else, the “best” of anything is a personal preference.  But Cremo has some unique characteristics that can simplify shaving on the road.

How much money can wet shaving save?

People who choose traditional wet shaving have many different motivations – sustainability, nostalgia, quality of shave, less irritation.  But many are motivated simply by the low cost.  It’s cheap.

There is no doubt that double edge shaving can save a lot of money over cartridges.  But the amount of money it saves is less straightforward than you might imagine.  In this article I explore the costs associated with shaving over several years and determine how much money double edge shaving saves in the long run.