Review of Cremo Lathering Shave Cream

This week last year I wrote one of my first-ever blog posts – The Best Shaving Cream for Travel – from a hotel during a business trip.  I described how Cremo Cream is excellent because it is easy to use, forgiving, and endlessly available.  A year later, from a different hotel, I am using Cremo’s Lathering Shave Cream – in Sandalwood.  Here is my review of this lathering version of my go-to shaving cream:

PRESS RELEASE: Gillette® launches the world’s first three-headed safety razor (satire)


BOSTON (SAVEYOURSHAVE NEWSWIRE) – Today, Gillette® announced the launch of the world’s first three-headed safety razor.  The new line builds on a century-old safety razor design by using patented Blade Stacking Technology (BS TECH) to triple the number of shaving heads.

Five facts about King Camp Gillette – inventor of the safety razor

Nearly everyone is familiar with the Gillette brand of shaving products, but few are familiar with the biography of its inventor – King Camp Gillette.  Fewer still know about King Gillette’s curious passions, such as his dream of a utopian socialist society located near Niagara Falls.  Even if you know the name King Gillette, or you recognize his face from vintage razor blade packages, here are five details of Gillette’s life that you may not know:

2018’s No-Shave-November is different – an opportunity for wet shaving retailers.

Over the past 10 years we have watched No Shave November gain widespread acceptance.  People initially used it as a good excuse to grow a beard before beards became so commonplace.  By now everyone is accustomed to beards and the November tradition, so giving up a razor needs no explanation.

But this year’s No Shave November is different than past years.  The difference hasn’t materialized yet – it won’t until Spring.  But when it does, it will have ramifications (and opportunities) for wet shaving retailers.

Making hot process shaving soap at home

I live tweeted my first attempt at making hot process shaving soap and created a twitter moment to capture the event.  It was a fun experience that took about half a day (for a rookie like me).  My wife and I had a lot of fun doing this and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new.  Here is my chronicle of the day’s events.

Note: For some reason twitter is showing the last post first, but everything else is in the correct order.

Shaving with peanut butter – (Almost) as bad as it sounds

This morning I stumbled across an article about shaving with common household items, including peanut butter.  I assumed the peanut butter idea was filler for a clickbait article, but I thought “what the hell” and shaved with Peter Pan Creamy.  Who knows, maybe it would be a pleasant surprise.  This post won’t be a masterpiece…it’s fast, unedited streaming thought.  It’s raw – kind of like my face.

Review of Merkur 37c Slant & St. James of London

My first-ever shave with a safety razor was far from great.  My technique was lacking, I carved a chunk of skin out of my nostril, and the skin around my mouth and neck was tender for days.  But I saw a huge potential for a better, more enjoyable shave and I was hooked.  Over a year later my technique is far better and I look forward to a great shave every morning.  I achieve a great shave almost every day, and until recently I thought my my shaves were as good as they could get.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong.