Coming Soon

For the past several months I’ve been working on a side project and my goal was to share the details in a blog post this week. I’ve had to push the date out about a month for the best possible reason – my initial inventory sold out before the product pictures arrived. I can’t complain about that.


What it is

My project was to recreate the 1918 Gillette Khaki Set – a smart and simple case that holds a 3-piece razor and blades for travel. I partnered with a military contractor to make the cases in the USA using American-made Mil-Spec materials.

The end result was a new company – Spearhead Shaving Company – and a new razor case for wet shaving – the Spearhead Case.


What’s next?

I have a handful of first-run Spearhead Cases left on my Etsy shop at Maggard Razors will also have a few back in stock by the end of this week at

New arrivals are on the way and should arrive in a few weeks. I look forward to sharing the full details of this project when they are back in stock.


Thank you to the individuals and wet shavers who provided me feedback throughout the development process. Without the inspiration (and some solid advice) this project wouldn’t have made it out of the starting gate.

More to come soon!


3 Thoughts

  1. Being lucky enough to receive one, I can verify that it both looks good _and_ works as well as the original – and that last bit is high praise indeed! Now, the only question is if it’ll age as well as the original… I’ll get back to you in a century or so on that šŸ˜‰

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